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Diving in Samoa: it's what we do

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We are Samoa Dive & Snorkel

Our dive trips are not the usual jump on a boat, in and out, you're done. We take our time, show you the Samoa we love, pull on up to a private beach, dive, have lunch and then dive again.

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Never get sick of hanging with our turtl
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This is what we do

Diving in Samoa is what we do

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The Samoan Dive school

All PADI courses from Try dive to Divemaster and everything in between

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The Fun Dives

Don't dive next to an industrial port! Come with us, let us show you our Samoa. Over the mountain, through the plantation and to your own private beach.

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The snorkel tours

Award winning full day tours around the island

Serene but spirited, wild yet well-manicured, hushed but birthed by volcanic explosions; stunning Samoa is a paradisaical paradox. Despite its intense natural beauty – all iridescent seas, jade jungles and crystal waterfalls – this is a humble place, devoid of mega-resorts and flashy attractions, but with welcomes as warm as the island sun. Geographically and culturally, this small nation is considered the heart of Polynesia. Though the missionaries of the 1800s were enormously influential, the country has nevertheless clung to Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan Way), making it one of the most authentic and traditional of all Pacific societies: in some parts of the islands you’re more likely to see someone juggling fire than a house with walls. Despite its isolation, Samoa offers accessible adventures. From the relative ruckus of Apia to the soul-stirring silence of Savai’i, you’ll find a paradise that is safe, sweet and easy to get around. Let us show you OUR SAMOA.

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