Dive Sites


1. Leaga Taliga: A very active wall leading to a sandy bottom, with White Tip Reef Sharks, Turtles, Cow-Tail Rays, Nudibranches, schools of Perch, Surgeonfish and Big-Eye Bream, as well as a nice selection of hard corals. A shallower return along the top of the drop-off makes for good views over the coral garden and into the blue, as well as fun with the Fusileers. Diverse diving. Max Depth: 30m


2. Turtle Power: Start the dive at a series of bommies, and then move through an almost constantly changing underwater landscape, consisting of walls, sandy patches and coral shelves, including a massive stand of Cabbage Coral. The usual suspects at this site are: you guessed it, Green and Hawksbill Turtles. Other regulars are Eagle Rays, Anemone fish and a large array of reef fish. Max Depth: 30m


3. Boulders: Descend onto a wall that is full of life, with Clams, hard corals, Nudibranches, Squid and an abundance of fish. Those who wish to do a deep dive can descend further to a second reef platform covered with brain and soft corals, returning along the main wall. Eagle Rays and Green Turtles are regular visitors to this site. Max Depth: 35m.


4. Black Betty: A lovely series of interestingly shaped bommies that get progressively deeper, forming small caves and providing a home for large stands of Cabbage Coral. Keep an eye out for Black Tip Reef Sharks, Barracuda, Bat Fish, Red and Mangrove Snapper and Nudibranches. Max Depth: 22m


5. Forthright Wall: Situated out from one from one of Upolu’s most isolated villages, this dive begins with a series of mushroom shaped bommies before proceeding onto the main wall, inhabited by Green Turtles, Coral Trout, Stonefish and Sweetlips. The turn-around point is located at a fish nursery, full of baby Angel and Triggerfish, before the dive heads back along the top of the wall proving great views and more Fusileers than you can poke a pokey stick at. Max Depth: 29m


6. The Laundromat: Descend onto the same mushroom shaped coral heads starting Forthright Wall, and dive the opposite side of the reef system comprising a series of bommies and a sandy bottom, full of hard coral, Nudibranches, reef fish, and stingrays. The dive then moves onto a wall where Green Turtles and Red Snapper can commonly be found. Keep an eye on the blue water for Barracuda and Wahoo. Max Depth: 24m   


7. Nudi Bombs: Start the dive on a shallow ledge full with a diverse range of healthy hard corals, then over the main drop off and out to a series of bommies over a sandy bottom. A real ‘critters’ dive with Anemone Fish, Coral Crabs, Trumpets and Conches, as well as (of course) a good selection of local Nudibranch species. The return part of the dive is back on the main wall where Green and Hawksbill Turtles can be found. Max Depth: 19m


8. Inner Palolo: An easy-going site located in a marine reserve close to Apia town, especially suited for courses and night diving. Start the dive at ‘Popcorn Bombie’, surrounded by a diverse range of hard coral and reef fish species, and dive along the sloping wall and sandy bottom to a shallower coral garden which is home to resident Black Tip Reef Sharks and schools of Convict Surgeons. Night diving here uncovers Mantis Shrimp, large Hermits, Batfish, Porcupinefish, and Cowries. Max Depth: 13m


9. Outer Palolo: Located past the boundary of Inner Palolo’s coral garden, this dive is a series of small walls and underwater spikes. Dive along the sandy bottom and around the deeper bommies to the edge of the marine reserve, and return along the shallower platforms which provide refuge for Black Tip Reef Sharks, Porcupinefish, and Puffers. Max Depth 18m


10. Jocove: A series of walls at different depths, forming underwater headlands, and making for some very interesting underwater topography, and allowing for shallow or deep diving. This site is home to Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Eagle Rays, numerous Anemones, Lobster and Trumpetfish, as well as the usual array of colourful reef fish. Max Depth 35m


11. Parrot’s Point: Located on the eastern side of the channel to Jocove, Parrot’s Point is a relaxing shallow dive through a series of mushroom-shaped bommies over a white sandy bottom. Changing depths around different bommies give this dive a platform/maze-like quality. Many colourful reef species live here including schools of the greenest Parrotfish ever. Max depth 14m


12. The Lab: An interesting labyrinth-like series of bommies containing many swim-throughs, large Plate Corals, Stag horn Corals, and hordes of Butter Bream. Some caves lead to a different section of the maze, some don’t. Have fun finding out which ones. Max Depth: 12m